Mysterious Dogman Sighting In South Africa May Explain Others - Mysterious Universe

If you want to gain a dog's trust, act like a dog but is Philip Oliphant taking things a little too far? It's a sight better than Cesar Millan's traumatic and cruel 'dog whispering', and the pooches seem to be having fun like Paul Seaburn. We may never be certain 'til a dogman, or a sasquatch, gets bagged but there are other ways to see if these critters are real. Jeff Meldrum's new Indiegogo campaign's seeks to Analyze The Ground Nests Attributed To Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest. The goal may be peanuts, but every penny counts and should the eDNA tests pan out, the results will validate our years of hooting and tree-knocking in forests. Across the pond, a new video has Liz Dunphy wondering Is This The Mystery Big Cat of St. Albans? Based on the video, that's a large kitty but hardly a member of the Panthera genus. On the other hand, there's second hand evidence which is giving pause to locals. (CS)

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