Large Winged Humanoid Encountered Again in Lincoln Park, Chicago - Phantoms & Monsters

Reports are continuing to be called in to the authorities and emailed in to Lon Stickler regarding a human-sized bat sailing the night skies of the Chicago area. So far no one has reported seeing the creature hunt, or eat, or purge itself of whatever it may have hunted or eaten, and the beast seems to be satisfying itself with simply scaring the bejeebers out of onlookers on the ground below. Then again, there seems to be a complete absence of video or photos taken which means we can't decide if the whole thing is a hoax or just insanely frustrating. On that note, let's move onto something more easily touched and recorded. Researchers have recently discovered a Strange Medical Mystery Unearthed on Panama’s ‘Witch Hill’. What appeared to be the buried remains of a terminally ill youth was put to final rest in a peculiar position and with artifacts indicative of ties to ancestral spirits. Put another way, there are hints that the people who buried this young person believed that illness was tied to one's ancestors, and the teen may have been offered up as a balm to vengeful spirits. How terribly uncomforting. (CM)

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