John Ventre, MUFON and Racism - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle finally weighs in on the former MUFON officer John Ventre affair, including the "non-apology" by MUFON Executive Director Jan Harzan. Kevin aptly says Harzan completely missed the point when he wrote "Who is worse, the person posting, or the haters hating?" against those who reacted angrily to the comments Ventre posted last month on his Facebook page. Kevin points out that people can say what they want in this free society, "but with free speech comes certain responsibility as well." A paragraph about Ventre's "Inner Circle" status seemingly implies that Harzan's failure to take immediate and firm action in this case was moved by monetary considerations. Kevin further remarks that Ventre has now "doubled down," blaming demons for some of his troubles. Randle clearly does not believe that the MUFON Executive Director has acted appropriately, yet, in this affair, and the fallout may continue. (WM)

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