John Spencer's Interesting, Useful 1991 UFO Book - UFO Conjectures

Can you help a guy out? Rich Reynolds is looking for an account featuring a "Moose-duction" by a UFO and even stranger, if possible, behavior by a bullet fired at the anomalous miscreant. So far, no one's responded to Rich's plea for an internet link to this story. The focus of Rich's piece is former British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) luminary John Spencer's 1991 World Atlas of UFOs. This is an interesting and useful book, partly due to its concise catalogue of UFO cases well- and ill-known, which provides a good review of the status of some iconic cases at the time of its publication. For instance, Spencer is dubious about the authenticity of the "Halt Memo" of Rendlesham Forest Incident fame, suggesting it could even be disinformation of a sort. A book more than a quarter century old still has currency in this field. (WM)

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