Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Reveals His UFO Encounter - Mysterious Universe

Paul Seaburn fans, here's a trio of Disclosure-related posts for you! The most substantive piece concerns a very interesting childhood sighting that the Iranian "lawyer, academic and cleric" had of a "howdah"-shaped UFO that touched down at two mosques in his town. Seaburn is surely correct that this witness would appear less likely to fib than your average person, but the Disclosure angle seems a bit tenuous. But wait, there's more! In Putin May Become the First Leader to Acknowledge ETs and UFOs, Paul notes American Disclosure guru Stephen Bassett is stretching a week spent with some Russian counterparts into an eventual possible "Tell all" about UFOs and ETs by the Russian President. But it seems that Vladimir has already "spilled the beans" about one phenomenon popularly associated with UFOs, as suggested in Putin Becomes the 2nd Russian Leader to Discuss Men in Black. Seaburn wonders if MIBs aren't the subject of an off-the-cuff remark Putin made about men in dark suits of the "powerful bureaucracy" that he says really controls Washington politics. What's more, only five years ago then-Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made another, likely jovial, remark about the Russian documentary film Men in Black. And Stephen Bassett appears in this post, as in the other two. Paul gets a lot of mileage out of him. (WM)

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