Investigation Indicates Bizarre Brazilian Disappearance is a Hoax! - Coast to Coast AM

This story is very easily summarized in just one sentence: Bruno Borges, his family, and friends are wankers who appear to have orchestrated his well publicized disappearance as a marketing ploy prior to the release of Borges' first book. We hope no one actually needed police attention during the time the Brazilian authorities were searching for this hoaxer. In other news and on a more worthwhile topic than a wanna-be-writer, Scientists Just Solved The Strange Case of Pine Trees That Always Lean Towards The Equator. Cook Pines can be found growing across five continents, with a characteristic drunken lean that was originally thought to be a genetic trait of the species. But there is more to it than that. Scientists believe "the mechanisms underlying directional lean...may be related to an adaptive tropic response to the incidence angles of annual sunlight, gravity, magnetism, or any combination of these." See kids, physics can be cool and anomalous...(CM)

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