Insanity And Creativity Are Indistinguishable, Both In Humans And Advanced Machine Intelligence - Yahoo News

Insane artificial intelligences are the stuff of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musks's nightmares, but it's probably how humanity will learn we've coaxed consciousness into a lump of silicon. Dr. Stephen Thaler's been running mind simulations illustrating the curse, and gift, of brilliance. Reckon we'd be better off if someone shared DMT 2.0 on GitHub for HAL and its pals. Even though humanity doesn't know how to quantify consciousness, Dean Radin remains undaunted. His 'Higgs-Boson' is the conclusion Human Consciousness Collapses The Quantum Wave Function, where meditators were able to influence the evergreen Double-Slit experiment. Perhaps this could be a method to discover philosophical zombies in our midst. If only there was a litmus test to see if the Russkies are truly influencing Americans. This isn't a new idea as Wladimir Velminski's Homo Sovieticus: Brain Waves, Mind Control, And Telepathic Destiny outline the former Soviet Union's homegrown PSYOPs to twist the minds of its citizens. Even in the 21st century's age of smartphones and social media, Clive Prince notes the process is more about Art, Not Electronics with a generous helping of phallic symbolism. (CS)

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