'I Spoke to Aliens' Woman Tells of Bizarre Encounter after UFO 'Tailed her Car' - The Express

Jon Austin's article about a Missouri sighting has some interesting points, although much questionable and unrelated material is salted throughout. We think the woman's telling the "ufonauts" to buzz off was likely unrelated to the fast departure of the "fiery image" around ten seconds later. Besides the description of the UFO and its movements, it intrigues that the report is of a June 1977 event. We're curious what moved the witness to send her report to MUFON now. Similarly, a man waited until May 12th of this year to report a sighting from between 1990 and 1992, as described in Iowa Witness Recalls Late Night UFO Close Encounter. A friend admonished the originator of this substantial story not to tell it to others because "They'll think you're nuts and throw you in a padded room." (WM)

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