How a Boise Pilot's Report Kicked off the UFO Craze - Miami Herald

The East Oregonian's Phil Wright provides some interesting background to an interesting man credited by many with starting the modern UFO era. The story centers around the June 24, 1947, sighting by businessman Kenneth Arnold of nine unconventional objects flying at unbelievable speeds near Mt. Rainier. But it also covers the effects that his experience had upon Arnold and his family, ufologist Robert Hastings' findings about earlier strange overflights of the Hanford plutonium plant, and some thought-provoking observations by the National UFO Reporting Center's Peter Davenport. Fortean Ireland's Shane Cochrane gives us two 1947 tales "To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's encounter with some pelicans" in Furl Blast or Flying Saucer? This certainly evokes the collision of traditional folkloric tales with the modern age. On the other hand, UFO Sighting in Plano That Caught Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Attention Turns out to be Pyrotechnic Show seems purely modern. Reporter Abigail Shaw's article concerns a Twitter video of what the onsite viewers speculated might be a drone, but which turned out to be a Texas League All-Star baseball game-concluding performance by the "Patriot Parachute Team." Neil deGrasse Tyson gets injected into the story largely because of a profound tweet about the video and the fact that, well, he's Neil deGrasse Tyson. (WM)

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