Hot Spots: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM - Our Strange Planet

There are many paranormal hot spots around the world, but none measure up to southwestern Colorado's San Luis Valley. It's a nexus of Native American legends, cryptids, military bases, and battleship-sized UFOs looming large in Christopher O'Brien's travelogue of America's last fortean frontier. While Chris may lead the vanguard, perhaps some anomalists will engage a madcap roadtrip to find stranger mysteries 'round the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Even if you're a hard-nosed skeptic, once you start pursuing these matters they'll start looking back at you. It's What You Learn Investigating Paranormal News Stories, along with the staggering amount of legit data glossed over by mainstream media to avoid raising tough, existential questions and maintain a comfortable narrative. While Kit Grier's taken the red pill, many in Scotland are averse to tall tales to the point of Scottish Folklore Traditions Are In Danger Of Dying Out. They may always have Nessie, but what about the endangered White Fairy Cow of Calanais or the Waterhorse of Nuckelavee? Our wild guess regarding the decline? Brits watering down Scots culture to the basics of kilts, caber tossing, and bagpipes. (CS)

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