Has The 'Alien Megastructure' Mystery Been Solved? Astronomers Say Rings And Asteroids Could Explain Strange Signals - D...

For those of you following the story of Boyajian's Star, a.k.a. KIC 8462852, it's suggested a cloud of comets are causing the anomalous dips. Considering the necessary volume of matter to darken the star has cast doubt on that theory. The latest, and most audacious, disinfo attempt to falsify aliens is asteroids and enormous ringed planets according to Mark Prigg. Those of you who've been living under a rock since 2015, it's The Daily Mail, they write at 3rd grade level and will get you up to speed tout de suite. Elsewhere in our skies, Astronomers Still Can't Rule Out SETI's 'Wow!' Signal nor the prospect of you-know-who. Bruce Dorminey got Dan Werthimer to open up on the consensus behind the enigma. Meanwhile The Anomalist's Twitter account received a reply of "The answer to the #WowSignal will be on june 4th" from Professor Antonio Paris. Sunday's only just begun, so keep an eye on your feeds and hope he wasn't pulling our collective legs. Despite the hiccup of "6EQUJ5", our space siblings remain steadfastly silent. Mainstream media's George Dvorsky takes a cue from Greg Taylor with his Hibernating Aliens Could Explain The Great Silence which was covered here three weeks ago. Stranger still, the concept of hibernating, or hiding, aliens SETI Should Consider Black Holes As Potential Targetsappeared last year at The Daily Grail! Coincidence? Or is the universe trying to tell us something? (CS)

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