Happy 70th Anniversary, Roswell! - High Strangeness

Mark O'Connell takes a rather jaundiced view of what the Roswell crash story has become, enumerating many instances of Things That Make No Sense. Trouble is, he could have listed even more problems, and it's certain that, whatever did fall to earth in New Mexico and exactly when landfall occurred, the event has become so covered with accretions that even Kevin Randle has rather thrown up his hands on the subject. But Kevin does a bit of "clean-up" regarding the events of the Summer of '47 in X-Zone Broadcast Network--Dr. Irena Scott. Ostensibly an interview about what new contributions come from Dr. Scott's new book UFOs Today: 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Coverup, Kevin gets tangled up in debating Chapter One and eight pages of Chapter Three with Dr. Scott, with the result that the 90% of the book that details her and her colleagues' involvement in decades of active investigations is not covered. It seems clear to this listener that Dr. Scott was not excited about including the testimony of the latest Roswell crash witness-claimant--former Big Springs, Texas, Deputy Sheriff Charles H. Forgus--in her book. Jack Brewer takes the opportunity of his giving two talks at this year's Roswell UFO Festival to re-emphasize some of his standard points in Sources for Presentations at Roswell. You don't have to buy Brewer's theories to appreciate the work he's done marshaling many significant sources, both primary and secondary, on a variety of subjects in one substantial post for easy reference. (WM)

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