Greg Bishop Interview - The Paracast

One highlight of this interview with the host of Radio Misterioso is a substantive and fascinating discussion of Jacques Vallee's presentation at the recent Contact in the Desert symposium, which was sadly not very well attended. Also receiving attention is the new book edited by Robbie Graham: UFOs: Reframing the Debate;Greg authored a chapter and provided unspecified editorial counsel for that tome. Consideration is given to some fundamental questions that ufology--or at least those calling themselves ufologists--should be asking. At the end there's talk of an "expedition" to test out a claimant's tale of a hidden underground base located not far from Chris' house. The question arises whether whoever/whatever may be the subject of this story listens to The Paracast and, thus forewarned, might "take steps" before the proposed September quest. Kevin Randle needn't apologize for his interview with last-minute replacement, FOIA-Master John Greenewald. If you don't know much about the FOIA process, and perhaps even more if you do, these guys are discussing things in their wheelhouse, and Greenewald is always an interesting listen. Greenewald not only proves the government has maintained some interest in UFOs since the closure of Project Blue Book in 1970, but that it darn well better be interested in UFOs as at least a potential military issue--and it certainly should not be lying to its public about it. (WM)

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