FBI Director's Statement May Imply Contact with ETs - Mysterious Universe

As his biography at the bottom of this article states, Paul Seaburn "adds a bit of comedy to each post he crafts." Well, this one is about as "far out" as we've seen him. Paul does do his research, though, behind the "connect the dots" game he's playing, and you generally come away from his offerings having learned something, often unexpected. Paul's a bit "toned down" in Another Astronaut Reveals Belief in Space Aliens. Leroy Chiao, who's been on four different space missions, believes "there's all kinds of life out there, including intelligent life, but the reason we haven't found each other is because of vast distances." That's kind of a "downer" for some of us, but nothing compared to "I believe that at some point, life on Earth will die out, either from natural causes, or from our own doing." Somehow, Paul manages to end this post on a humorous note. (WM)

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