ETs in Context - UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds reprises his belief that, while Mother Earth is special to us (after all, she's all we've got), she would not be attractive enough to anybody else out there to want to come and visit. This, of course, is a blow to Ancient Astronaut theorists, who want us to believe that ETs have not only visited but have meddled in our development for ages. Rich treats this and a richer speculation in How and When did ETs Replace the Gods?. In this substantive essay, Rich sees a type of religious need and source behind the Ancient Alien movement. There are other, darker, fonts from which the AA theory draws sustenance, likely unknown to most of its adherents, but in a cheerier vein someone going by the name "L.L." has created a Petition for Freedom of Religion Protection for Extraterrestrial Visitation Proponents. This somewhat confusing item references the Paradigm Research Group's Disclosure efforts, and seems to ask President Trump to "open a dialogue" on how to protect Disclosure proponents. We don't know what Stephen Bassett would make of this, but we think his suggestion, standard with any UFO group, would be the protection afforded by money. (WM)

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