Double Double Trudeau And Trouble: Canada Legalizes Witchcraft - Vice

Not only will canucks be blazing it 420 in July 2018, they can freely practice the dark arts without fear of the Mounties breaking down their door. Gabby Bess lauds the Great White Hope of the Great White North for his progressive values while maintaining protections from paranormal fraudsters. It's unfortunate their punishment is fines and jail time, rather than being tossed into The New Bermuda Triangle Off The Coast Of China. Fortunately Paul Seaburn was rescued from Davy Jones's locker by Nessie, granting him the opportunity to share the data showing the dangers of plying the "Devil's Sea". Not to be outdone by his colleague, Brett Tingley shares video of a a "Miracle" In Ireland As Thousands Witness Foretold Apparition. Is it Fatima all over again, or mere mass hysteria? Watch and you be the judge. But the Mysterious Universe heavyweight champion remains Brent Swancer, telling the tales behind Chilling Photographs Linked To Mysterious Vanishings And Bizarre Deaths throughout the years. It's stories like these which keep anomalists from cynically turning to the dark side of pseudoskepticism. (CS)

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