Council Séance Over Haunted House - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

Beach seems to have seen parts of the world that most of our readers have not, or might have avoided, or never knew existed. One such journey reminded him of a tale from 1947 in Befordshire, England, where the owner of a haunted house sought a tax break from Council based on the poor salability of his property. Evidently a seance was held, then another, then another. Seriously, it's on the town council books--Beach can't make this stuff up. Chris Woodyard also has something to add regarding the propensity of taking the paranormal a tad too seriously. The Fortean Bride illustrates the obsession with death and omens and how they connected to weddings. Seems it took very little to result in a postponement of nuptials. Perhaps it all could have been remedied by eloping, or signing a prenup, or maybe even putting off the weddings all together. (CM)

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