Close Encounters Of The Puritan Kind - EsoterX

Best part of early UFO sightings, nobody can blame them on low-flying Russkies nor those newfangled drones hovering in the night. Taking a trip down memory lane, EsoterX relates one of the earliest UFO sightings in these United States and possibly the earliest recorded abduction. Compelling bit here is the eyewitness was a sober Puritan averse to fun. With the written word, and $6.95, that'll buy you some dairy-coffee concoction at your local hipster coffeehouse. We want pictures! Parvaneh Pessian heeded our words after an Oshawa Photographer Captured 'Unidentified Flying Object'. Our best guess? Gamera is back! Way over in British Columbia a UFO Was Spotted Near Sooke Basin, speeding over the treetops and scaring the dickens out of Ann Talbot according to Octavian Lacatusu. (CS)

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