Chris Rutkowski Interview - The Paracast

Gene Steinberg and J. Randall Murphy interview Chris Rutkowski, co-author with Stan Michalak, about their new book When They Appeared--Falcon Lake 1967: The Inside Story of a Close Encounter, a classic, "nuts and bolts," "CE2-Physiological" experience that Stan's father, Stefan, had in May of 1967. Rutkowski and Michalak's effort should make one think about the effects the aftermath of a particular UFO experience can have upon a person and his family, and will likely give the reader the satisfied sense of knowing much more about its subject. Quite different is the interview by Radio Misterioso's Greg Bishop with the editor of another new book: Robbie Graham. HIs UFOs: Reframing the Debate offers essays about the entire field of ufology by 14 different writers whose theories and proposed methodologies largely eschew the subject as it has been classically prosecuted. Although some of Graham's authors emphasize the importance of the witness' subjective contribution to the formation of a UFO story, another rejects the individual's testimony as worthless. It seems that Graham's mission is to infuriate and/or confuse the reader at times, and force a reconsideration of beliefs about the entire UFO subject. But both this and the Rutkowski interview provide many surprises and thought-provoking, even strong emotion-generating, moments. And if the two books produce as this pair of interviews seems to suggest, both will indeed be notable contributions to the field--however you care to define it. (WM)

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