Caught on Video: Mystery Creature Spotted Prowling Foothills in La Crescenta Area - KTLA 5

The Department of Fish and Wildlife in California is busy searching for what they believe (hope?) is an escaped ape in the foothills of La Crescenta. The creature was captured on video by Jake Gardiner who decided to pull out his cellphone when the unsettling feeling of being watched in the woods overcame him, instead of booking it out of there like any person with an ounce of survival instinct.. In other "what were they thinking?" news, Jackie Christie Dead Ass Recounts the Time She Met Bigfoot and Had a Conversation with It. We'd like to believe the encounter occurred just the way Jackie told it, but frankly the number of holes in the story just make us want to get up and change the channel. So here is some cryptid reality TV, if you will: Jungle Creature Who Eluded Scientists For Decades Is Finally Caught On Film. An endangered Bay Cat has been captured on film in an undisclosed location, the end result of 50 camera traps set up across 28 different locations. The video clip provided is brief but worthwhile--the Bay Cat is incredibly elusive and incredibly beautiful (unlike many cryptids that are often strange and somewhat terrifying). (CM)

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