Canadian UFO Has Many Baffled - Mysterious Universe

Something looking like a thorny plant seed found its way into the lens of a Canadian wildlife photographer on June 17th, and Paul Seaburn wants you to tell him what you think it is. It certainly is not one of the vehicles from nearby General Motors' Oshawa Assembly. In what is certainly fiction at base, but just as certainly based in fact, Curt Collins has another fascinating piece of UFO history in 1954 UFO Whistleblower: Frank E. Keely. "Flying Saucer Report" is the comic book story of a combination Donald Keyhoe and Frank Scully character who's trying to convince people of the threat flying saucers pose. It's got a twist at the end and includes a segment inspired by Frank Scully's popularization of the Aztec crash. Through collector Jim Halperin's site, you can read the short comic book story. (WM)

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