Can A Ghost Make You Ill? The Ghost Sickness Belief Of The Native American Indians - Ancient Origins

The Navajo aren't the only ones believing spooks suck the life from the living. Join DHWTY as he peruses the pathology of one's attachment to their ancestors, China's eight ghosts, and Samoan revenants. Not every apparition is malign as Chris Woodyard cautiously announces "Joan Of Arc Returns!" Not recently, of course, but back in 1914 her manifestations were considered a harbinger of The Great War. Here's hoping she stays behind those Pearly Gates given our contemporary state of affairs. In the spirit of "Make Love, Not War", Alex Tsakiris and Jerry Brown are tripping balls, exploring the Academic Rigor To The Psychedelic Jesus Theory. I'm looking forward to the Gospel According to Terrence McKenna as a follow-up to The Psychedelic Gospels. (CS)

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