British Ministry of Defence Finally Releases its Last Secret UFO-Files - Grenzwissenschaft-aktuell

Well, not completely. The last 18 British Ministry of Defence UFO-related files haven't been put online, and probably won't be, so you've either got to go to the National Archives reading room in Kew, or order copies by mail, waiting about one lunar month for their appearance. And there's still three files outstanding, notes Alejandro Rojas in New UK UFO Files Released, Not Accessible Online. The Palm Beach Post's Matt Morgan has a straightforward article titled Author Says New Book Based on UFO Sighting over Wellington. Florida writer Steve Alten's latest book Undisclosed was inspired by his own 2013 sighting, and led to Alten helping Steven Greer with his own recent book Unacknowledged. This sets the stage for the article UFO Researcher Says New Documentary Exposes 'What the Secret Agenda has Been'. The Toronto Star's Pop Music Critic Ben Rayner provides a straightforward piece about Dr. Greer and his new film Unacknowledged: An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History, which had its second major showing as part of the Alien Cosmic Expo held from June 23rd-25th at the Toronto Airport Crowne Plaza hotel. Rayner pretty much lets Greer speak for himself, which provides support for Rayner's opening line "Even within the much-maligned and widely misunderstood field of 'UFOlogy,' Steven Greer is a divisive figure." (WM)

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