Brazil's Night of UFOs is the Most Legitimate Incident in Years, but No One is Talking about It - Inquisitr

Simon Alvarez describes a dramatic series of Brazilian Air Force-UFO confrontations on the night of May 19, 1986. Numerous objects were tracked on radar, some clipping along too fast and too high to be identified by military jet fighters. What was perhaps nearly as important was that Brazilian officials were very upfront about the affair, promising that the findings of an investigation into the affair would be made public--but the U.S. government supposedly intervened and full results were never released. Anthony Bragalia tells a personal story of another U.S. governmental information-control effort in 1975 in Air Force Deceived and Threatened Child over UFOs. The villain here is specifically named, although Bragalia "would not want to shame the now nearly ninety year old man." And speaking of long-ago censorship, Air Force Captain Claims UFO Deactivated 10 Nukes in Silos is the title of a Paul Seaburn article. It seems that a former Minuteman I launch crew commander has disobeyed an order never to speak about the 1966 Minot, North Dakota, shutdown of 10 missile silos in the presence of a UFO. Captain David D. Schindele's It Never Happened, Volume 1 appears to be about much more than just the Minot affair, as a perusal of the book's Table of Contents reveals. (WM)

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