Bigelow Aerospace Founder Says Commercial World Will Lead in Space - 60 Minutes

Lara Logan's 60-Minutes interview with Budget Suites of America and Bigelow Aerospace mogul Robert Bigelow packs a lot of information into less than 13 minutes. It's a fascinating look into the present and intended future Bigelow expects to create for humans in space. But it's a relatively small segment in the interview that has really caught the attention of mainstream media, including The Verge's Loren Grush, as shown in Space Industry CEO is 'Absolutely Convinced' that Aliens Have Visited Earth. It turns out that a "close encounter" Bigelow's grandparents had with a UFO near Las Vegas was formative behind his spending nearly $290 million to-date on aerospace programs. And Bigelow himself has had his own close encounters, although he declined to expand upon those events. Bigelow is only one among many who aver--in fact know--that there is an existing "ET presence," as Arjun Walia reminds us in There Have In-Fact Been Face to Face Meetings with Extraterrestrials--An Incredible Story from a Reliable Source. Walia's article features some elements of the ufological landscape that make others in the field cringe, but is his point over-exaggerated that "there are hundreds of these high ranking individuals, from presidents, to four star Generals, to Defence Ministers around the world and more who have all made some eye-opening statements"? Ufologist Mark O'Connell focuses on one part of the problem in Money Isn't Everything. O'Connell suggests that however many millions of dollars Bob Bigelow has spent specifically on UFO research through his "National Institute of Discovery Sciences" has been wasted--at least as far as we know. O'Connell points out the deficiencies in the data Bigelow is known to have tapped, though he does not suggest specific alternatives to the "outmoded research models" he says Bigelow has relied upon. And maybe the "conflict" reported by Alexis Kitsios in Stephen Hawking & SETI Renew 'Clash' about Intentions of Intelligent Aliens is, in view of the testimonies of hundreds of credible people famous and otherwise, a moot theoretical point? (WM)

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