At Loch Ness (May 2017) - Loch Ness Mystery

Glasgow Boy brings us up-to-date with the current state of Nessie exhibitions at the Loch, pointing out the sensible highs and cheap lows of how local centers make money from the legend and rather generously shrugs off their plagiarism of some of his own work. Less easy to shrug off is the sighting of a Large Upright 'Coyote' - South Eastern Oklahoma. A long-term resident of the area has been alarmed by the sight and sound of a "huge, dark figure" on her property, which escaped on two legs into the woods. And in this era of fake news, the Poestenkill big cat story is irresponsible reporting. Idoubtit takes issue with this report of a big cat, which is obviously a big dog, but as long as there's a story to be manufactured from it, some media will take "the assumption of the witness as the headline." (LP)

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