Argentina: Unknown Flashing Object Astonishes Onlookers - Inexplicata

People are looking up in Argentina, and Scott Corrales translates a story from the local paper in Salta, a city with a metropolitan population of more than 600,000 in the northwest of the country. There's a link to a short video of the thing seen at noon on June 24th, but it and the sighting data are somewhat disappointing. A high-flying balloon of some sort? With Argentina: Alleged UFO over Quequen, we have a still photo of something more interesting seen the next day over the much smaller port and seaside resort city in the province of Buenos Aires. Here we wonder how pronounced was the zigzag motion attributed to the two odd lights in the clouds. Some of the more intriguing Argentine sightings have been stashed away for the next 100 years, according to Argentina: ICOU's UFO "Time Capsule". ICOU stands for Investigadores de Campo Unidos--United Field Researchers--who've installed a time capsule of UFO-related materials in the small community of Maximo Paz, the place where ICOU was born. The article observes that a "mysterious red ball" was spied over the city of La Plata on July 10, 1947, making Argentina a player in the famous summer of 1947. (WM)

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