Ancient Egyptians More Closely Related To Europeans Than Modern Egyptians, Scientists Claim - The Independent

For years a storm's been a-brewing over the identity of ancient Egyptians, and Dr. Wolfgang Haak's new paper suggests Europeans. Haak and his team are quick to tell Ian Johnston these are preliminary results and may not be representative of the entire population, but the ripples are profound for archaeology. For now we're certain Europeans aren't responsible for these Mysterious Stone Pillars Emerging From A Northern New Mexico Forest. These stones have puzzled Louis Serna for ages, and he gave Chris McKee the scoop on his maverick theory behind 'em. Older by a few orders of magnitude are the Hundreds Of Ancient Stone Mounds Discovered By Archaeologists In Alabama. While they may not have been built by aliens, nor Europeans, they grant greater insight into the rich Native American culture which once spanned the continent. Cheers to Dr. Greg Little for summing up these forgotten wonders! (CS)

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