Aliens, Comets, Or Crap? What's Going On With The Wow! Signal? - Discover

Everything old is new again with mainstream media picking up a story from January 2016. This time positivists are crowing over Antonio Paris's conclusion absotively posilutely quashing any prospect of the celebrated Wow! Signal coming from aliens. John Wenz went to Jerry Ehman, who first saw the 6EQUJ5, only to learn the greyfaces are more than a bit premature in popping their champagne. If the Wow! Signal was aliens, could humanity suss out its message? Despite a lack of context, idiom, grammar, and syntax, Rene Heller believes he has a leg up after Social Media Users Decoded A Simulated Message From Extraterrestrials. The study does make several assumptions on the part of aliens, but this would've been far more interesting had they tackled "covfefe". (CS)

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