​Ashby Woman Says She Spotted A Black Panther While Out Walking With Her Mother-In-Law - Burton Mail

Here's another big black cat sighting from the moors, but we're frustrated by the lack of photos. Kit Sanderman got Emma Adam to talk about her encounter, but got very little headway in finding out why Emma's quick to snap selfies with Snapchat filters rather than curious kitties. And where there are cats, there are dogs to chase them and Mark Norman welcomes you to Black Dogs 101. It's the first installment of The Curious Fortean's review of the black dog oeuvre, cultural roots, with just a bit of phenomenology. Frustratingly these beasts are adept at Avoiding The Traps, even the ones laid by Darren Naish in his latest Hunting Monsters: Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths. True to his style, Peter Rogerson gives back in the same measure that Naish dishes out to the field of cryptozoology and forteana in general. (CS)

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