Witness Describes Helicopter Chasing Ball of Light - Open Minds

Here are three different anomalous phenomena reports, each interesting in its own way. We open with a May 4th Lawrence, Kansas nighttime sighting. The witness reports a military helicopter pursuing an orange light looking rather like a paper lantern--but one going at about 100 knots. The witness had been treated to a similar spectacle some months previous. Then there's Canadian Witness Describes Cigar-shaped UFO. Here an Ottawa observer backed up a description of a weird aerial phenomenon on April 23rd with a sketch. A sheet of lined paper sectioned off into seven tableaux shows a cylinder hanging at an angle in the sky, next pulsating a white light at its lower extremity, then accelerating tremendously in the direction of the "waning crescent moon" and, now pulsating at the forward end, disappearing into that same white circular light. Both cases are under MUFON investigation. Lon Strickler's Witness Experiences Possible Otherworldly "Tonal Communication" is a typically and profoundly weird offering about a case that may just be ongoing. It's got a bunch of "tells" that the witness is receptive towards such experiences, and the connection with "aliens" is based upon an apparent glance that etched a vision of "2 long skinny legs, grayish green in color." Are these "events" just the product of an active and creative mind, rebelling at boring/repetitive work and solitude, interpreting certain sensory inputs exotically? "Inquiring minds want to know"! (WM)

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