The Marilyn Monroe UFO Document--Again - Mysterious Universe

Previously we commented upon Paul Seaburn's article New Film Suggests Marilyn Monroe was about to Reveal Aliens. Nick Redfern's curiosity was piqued, too. Here Nick asserts that a document discussing actress Marilyn Monroe's plans to hold a press conference "spilling the beans" about John Fitzgerald Kennedy's secrets--if genuine and that is hotly contested--if anything rather discourages the notion of an ET-connection with Roswell, rather than strengthens it. Nick admits to vacillating over the authenticity of the document. We regard this as sane suspension of utter conviction under ambiguous circumstances--a practice that more should follow in a field that absolutely demands humility. Nick makes an interesting case, using both what the document actually says, and, just as importantly, what it doesn't say. (WM)

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