The Extraordinary Legacy of Dr. J. Allen Hynek--"The Close Encounters Man" - The Oz Files

Iconic Australian researcher Bill Chalker examines Mark O'Connell's soon-to-be-published biography of J. Allen Hynek. Chalker sets his book review into the context of a discussion of ufological history and method, with Hynek's career playing central roles in defining each. In a "more personal reflections" part of his post, Bill both provides additional information about Hynek the man, and argues that the Hynek definition of "UFO" still retains great value, though other terms and understandings of the word "UFO" have become competitive. Further, Chalker strongly champions "scientific ufology" as critical to the UFO field achieving "an enduring mainstream future." He uses Hynek's own words to plead ufology's case for being taken seriously--and to explain why it hasn't been more successful in understanding the phenomenon (or "phenomena") for these 70 years. (WM)

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