Argentina: The Hernandarias Event--UFO Teleportation or Abduction? - Inexplicata

We had hoped that a more satisfactory explanation than "UFO abduction" would be found for the temporary disappearance of a 13-year-old boy on May 22, but substituting "teleportation" for a 1 1/2 kilometer geographic movement in about ten minutes may fit the solid data only marginally better. Staying with Inexplicata, which reports that in Argentina: Three out of Four People have Witnessed UFOs in San Luis, depending upon what you mean by "UFO." In this recent telephone survey of 370 people, 103 of these "witnesses" figured they'd just spotted something natural or human-made, and only 167 were positive that they'd observed something truly "out of this world." According to Daniel Diaz, in Argentina: A Forgotten Enigma--Mystery Enshrouds the 1995 Salta UFO Crash, we've gone 22 years without an adequate resolution to an "Argentinian Roswell." The comparison may be a bit strained, but at least this interesting August 18, 1995, event hasn't accrued the concretions of numerous witness-claimants and screwy military "explanations." A military origin may answer the question in Honduras: Drones or Saucers?. Folks in southern Honduras saw something large apparently "monitoring" the area on May 21st. The post accepts a Honduran Civil Aeronautic official's identification of the craft as an El Salvadoran drone looking out for drug smuggling. (WM)

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