A Rare Albino Bigfoot Spotted Near Rice Lake? - CCHeadliner

If Sam Uptegrove is right, white is the new black (or brown). He writes, "Sightings of a white or cream-colored Bigfoot are not unheard of here in the Heartland" but does his declaration hold water? Sam's awfully light on details of these 'historical' albino bigfoot sightings, much to our surprise. Most publications pay by the word and judging how Sam pimps his book at the end of the article, he's writing to make a buck than share his passion. With those sizeable grains of salt in mind, it's a fun little tale. We're a bit more excited over the Sierra Sounds, and so is AJ of BigfootBase.com making the case over how they're Our Most Impressive Evidence For Bigfoot. AJ shares recordings of the pig-monkey calls, the challenges of faking them, in addition to the time and location of the recordings so intrepid cryptozoologists can try to falsify this evidence. Kinda like science, rather than FOAFtales, dontcha think? (CS)

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